The Mother in me!

Wish I could explain in exact words what motherhood means to me. It’s an adventure which never ends and an experience you can’t express. It’s love, emotions, thrill, joy topped up with nervousness, possessiveness and seasoned with a pinch of exhaustion.

Being a mother is a journey, of knowing your own self and that little corner of your heart which lives outside the body. Mother’s Day is a special moment to celebrate the achievements of growing up as a mother and I dedicate this moment to my  little one!

This day, I want you to know,
A princess came to earth,
not a very long time ago,
Wearing a warm smile,
and a pink bow,
Her magic could,
make everything glow!

She took no time,
grew up so fast,
Wish I could hold,
this beautiful past,
I still remember,
her first smile,
and the first tooth,
that took a little while!

She’s now a big big girl,
with sparkling eyes,
and dresses that twirl,
I melt over those faces,
and the little curls,
For she is my diamond,
my precious pearl!

This day, I want you to know,
I love You,
more than I’d ever, ever show!

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Compassion knows no age!

It was Guru Nanak Dev ji’s birthday on Nov 25th and I casually informed by daughter ahead of our visit to the Gurudwara. The very obvious question came “What are we gifting babaji….what does he like?” and very casually I told her “Babaji only wants us all to be happy. So, to make him happy we need to help the not so blessed, people who are short of food and clothes…we ought to share what we have!”.

Never did I realize the importance of these words for an impressionable mind. Things have drastically changed since and she is constantly looking for ways to help and share. She used to glance at the not so blessed kids with confusion, but now her immediate reaction is “I should share my chocolate with them”.


I believe, kindness cannot be taught, only felt and observed and hence make a conscious effort to make my kiddo experience it as much as possible. Be it about thanking all our helps for small gestures, greeting the building guards or distributing goodies/her own clothes & shoes to the needy, I ensure she participates actively.

I once heard her telling me that the teacher scolded the class for talking and that’s only because she wants to help us study hard. I then realized how our little gestures/actions can transform experiences into behaviors and eventually into habits. I strongly believe there’s tad bit of God in each & every one of us and we ought to respect that!


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बिना तेरे

बिना तेरे,

नहीं ढूंढता कोई तंग गलियों में,

खोयी हुई हूँ इन पहेलियों में,

पूछता नहीं कोई गीली पलकों के फ़साने,

आसूं भी ढूंढते हैं हाथों के सरहाने।

किस्से कहूँ, माँ डर लगता है,

दवा से नहीं दुआ में असर लगता है॥


बिना तेरे,

यादों में भी वो बात कहाँ,

कि तन्हाई मिटा सकें,

खुशियों में वो बात कहाँ,

जो दिल को सहला सकें।

अक्सर सोचती हूँ उन लम्हों को,

जब संग तेरे ख्वाब सजाये थे,

कहाँ पता था दौड़ते दौड़ते,

अकेले ही रह जायेंगे॥

बिना तेरे,

मेरी शख्सियत अधूरी,

अधूरा मेरा आधार।

रहम कर ख़ुदा,

लौटा दे,

मेरी माँ का प्यार॥

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Life Lessons from Tough Young Teachers

Being the eldest, pampered child in the household, I have always been a brat – living life on her own terms, screaming for attention and taking the ‘right to expression’ rather too seriously. Adulthood and marriage definitely sobered me down 😉 but motherhood has been the greatest teacher. It’s like Karma staring back at you, being kind enough to teach you the missed lessons:



Love’s all about giving

All my ‘prenatal life’, my understanding of love was limited to caring and sharing. You give me the attention (and some gifts :-)) and I reciprocate. Being a mother taught me a lot about being selfless in love. I learnt to sacrifice – not only my sleep and the chocolates, but a part of me. I proudly forget to comb my tresses (not that it would make a huge difference anyways ;-)), but I wouldn’t forget the KinderJoy. Love is no longer subtle, it’s loud, expressive and at times intimidating (let’s not call it embarrassing ;-)) for the recipient.

My parents did their best

I was brought up by my maternal grandparents and had the best childhood ever. But, somewhere I always felt ignored by the parents. Today, being a working mom, I often ponder if my kiddo feels the same way, as most of my time and energy goes in juggling meetings and homework. It’s only now I realize what my parents did for me (be it by sharing me with my grandparents or sending me out for higher education) to contribute to a ‘happy me’.

Comparisons are cliché but important

I have always believed that comparisons are odious and happily promote the philosophy of ‘to each its own”. But now when kids are the favorite topic on the lunch table at work, I realize that comparing notes is important and how all of us benefit from those interactions. It is definitely ‘okay’ to learn & seek support from others, especially when you are in a nuclear family. I now proudly contribute a trick or two to help feed the little monsters 🙂

It’s okay to make your own mistakes

I still fondly remember the first night at the hospital. Not sure who was the kid then 😉 but I recall looking at the nurse (mostly apologetically) every time the kid yelled. Post motherhood I have realized that it’s okay to err and regret, but it’s equally important to learn from your mistakes. I wouldn’t want to feed the kiddo a banana if she’s down with severe cold 😉 and shall definitely not rush to the hospital at 3AM just ‘coz she sneezed twice 😉

Be gentle on yourself

Working moms always carry a bag full of to-dos and loads of guilt. I’ve had my share of breakdowns and after so many years have realized that I need to be gentle on myself. I cannot have it all and need to prioritize my hours. I need to be happy for my own sanity and that of the others :-). I now admire the red color on the lips, the orange paint on the nails, that pink blush on the cheeks ;-), but the golden heels definitely look better on the kiddo 🙂

High five,

Another sleep deprived mom!

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I ask myself, Why?


I often ask myself

why you bother?

plagued, addled,

stuck between,

quit, try harder?

Brave it out

like cold weather,

ain’t no reason

for you to wither!

I often ask myself

why you expect?

await, yearn,

like neglected fields,

that grow just fern?

Embrace hope

& learn to accept

things meant to be,

care not to deflect!

I often ask myself

why you afraid?

to start anew,

another chance,

abrupt, unplanned?

Let love happen,

rekindle the spark

stars shine

amidst the dark!

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