That Day…

That Day,

I stepped out,

Merry, blasé,

In soaking rain,

Admiring the gaze,

Hopping through,

the usual lanes

They stood there

as ambush predators

with sadistic eyes,

of a tormentor

I was spotted

like a rare bird

Punished, mauled,

for staying away

from the herd

They mocked,

They abused,

They touched,

They groped

I cried for help,

struggling to lope

A piece of flesh

left without a hope

I felt the jolt,

It shattered my soul,

Not only the skin,

my dignity they stole

I fought with God,

for writing this dole

Still searching myself,

In part and whole

That Day,

I wish hadn’t come

I’ve lost a part of me

& the others still feel numb!

Beginning Today


Beginning Today,

I’ll render goodbyes,

to silent tears,

the 3am regrets

to perpetual fears 

that cage my soul!

Beginning Today,

I’d take a chance,

make mistakes,

turn a page

to scribble, 

another valiant tale!

Beginning Today,

I’d surrender,

to the child,

quirky, venturous, 

tiny embers of spark,

waiting to,

rekindle a fire again!

Beginning Today,

I’d embrace odds,

open new doors

sketch life’s story

with my own pen

unfazed, unperturbed,

by a happy end!


I Wish I Were…


I Wish I were a shadow,

of your dreams,

the lucid reality

the credulous fantasy

the aureate sunshine

worth following!


I Wish I were a shadow,

of your tears,

the memories held back,

the feelings that dissolve,

the pain so ethereal

that waters your soul!


I Wish I were a shadow,

of your bewildered self,

the bruised heart,

the petulant mind,

enshrouded by solitude 

waiting to be found!