That Day…

That Day,

I stepped out,

Merry, blasé,

In soaking rain,

Admiring the gaze,

Hopping through,

the usual lanes

They stood there

as ambush predators

with sadistic eyes,

of a tormentor

I was spotted

like a rare bird

Punished, mauled,

for staying away

from the herd

They mocked,

They abused,

They touched,

They groped

I cried for help,

struggling to lope

A piece of flesh

left without a hope

I felt the jolt,

It shattered my soul,

Not only the skin,

my dignity they stole

I fought with God,

for writing this dole

Still searching myself,

In part and whole

That Day,

I wish hadn’t come

I’ve lost a part of me

& the others still feel numb!

10 thoughts on “That Day…

  1. The last few days have been so tough for so many of us. Your words just brought back the hurt and humiliation again. I’ve been trying to put together my thoughts on the same subject for the past few days , I admire your courage that you could manage to channelize it to express your self .
    How ever horrific , the positive aspect is that the incident has given a lot of us a voice against the cause. Keep blogging . keep expressing.. Wish you a great 2017.

  2. This was such a beautifully penned poem! The happenings in the recent days are really saddening. Everyone speaks about the need for change, but things don’t change. Nothing has changed. When some incidents come to light, the society is actively speaking against it. But everyday, so many women suffer in silence and fear.

  3. a great post. Though its the most ridiculous thing to happen to a woman. The terrors on Indian roads have increased to the extent that the day is not far enough when woman have to stay at home with pallus on their pallu on the head.

    1. Thanks Richa. Agree, the atrocities on women continue despite all the voice around. I believe we need to instill it very early on, to be able to bring about a change.

  4. Good one Nidhi. Each and every time shows how horrific it is. I hope our writings can help create some buzz about it. There is still a need for lot of change and day by day our country is becoming more unsafe for girls. I really hope for some strict laws against it all.

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