Compassion knows no age!

It was Guru Nanak Dev ji’s birthday on Nov 25th and I casually informed by daughter ahead of our visit to the Gurudwara. The very obvious question came “What are we gifting babaji….what does he like?” and very casually I told her “Babaji only wants us all to be happy. So, to make him happy we need to help the not so blessed, people who are short of food and clothes…we ought to share what we have!”.

Never did I realize the importance of these words for an impressionable mind. Things have drastically changed since and she is constantly looking for ways to help and share. She used to glance at the not so blessed kids with confusion, but now her immediate reaction is “I should share my chocolate with them”.


I believe, kindness cannot be taught, only felt and observed and hence make a conscious effort to make my kiddo experience it as much as possible. Be it about thanking all our helps for small gestures, greeting the building guards or distributing goodies/her own clothes & shoes to the needy, I ensure she participates actively.

I once heard her telling me that the teacher scolded the class for talking and that’s only because she wants to help us study hard. I then realized how our little gestures/actions can transform experiences into behaviors and eventually into habits. I strongly believe there’s tad bit of God in each & every one of us and we ought to respect that!


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