Please Stand Up…

You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life. ~ Winston Churchill

I’ve known this girl for good 20+years. I’ve laughed with her, loved her, and been angry….questioned her, doubted her and been fierce, but alas, have not been able to change her!

As a kid, I saw her yell at the guy who cheated in a badminton match; she didn’t even spare her loving grandmother who would ask her to dress ‘appropriately’ before going to the local market. As a teenager I saw her arguing with the kirana store uncle for overcharging, I was embarrassed when she held few college guys hostage for passing obscene comments. She landed in a job and soon got married, and I thought to myself – Finally! Now that she is facing the real world….it would be fun to see her all ‘sober’.

Still wondering if she overheard me…

Later I realized the ‘problem’ – this lady owns her own mind. Her sense of individuality is to seek information/ experience the situation and form her own opinion. She isn’t afraid to take chances and make her own mistakes. With no mandate to be a revolutionist, she has a mouth big enough to voice her opinion and the spine to stand for something she believes in. I have seen her have heated discussions with her boss over how some company policies should change, or with her father over why he is a bad manager. She doesn’t desire social approval or acceptance every time, but truth be told – it’s never easy to act beyond a script.

Appreciating the philosophy of ‘to each its own’, I am extremely glad to be her!!

PS: You’ll not find me a regular on the ‘social screen’ and neither am I an avid writer or anything close to it. Acknowledging your patience, would like to thank you for spending time in reading my very F-I-R-S-T blog!


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