The Mother in me!

Wish I could explain in exact words what motherhood means to me. It’s an adventure which never ends and an experience you can’t express. It’s love, emotions, thrill, joy topped up with nervousness, possessiveness and seasoned with a pinch of exhaustion.

Being a mother is a journey, of knowing your own self and that little corner of your heart which lives outside the body. Mother’s Day is a special moment to celebrate the achievements of growing up as a mother and I dedicate this moment to my  little one!

This day, I want you to know,
A princess came to earth,
not a very long time ago,
Wearing a warm smile,
and a pink bow,
Her magic could,
make everything glow!

She took no time,
grew up so fast,
Wish I could hold,
this beautiful past,
I still remember,
her first smile,
and the first tooth,
that took a little while!

She’s now a big big girl,
with sparkling eyes,
and dresses that twirl,
I melt over those faces,
and the little curls,
For she is my diamond,
my precious pearl!

This day, I want you to know,
I love You,
more than I’d ever, ever show!

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