The Mommy from Mars

It won’t be an exaggeration if I say that my husband was made for parenthood. There are days when I want to give him a piece of my mind for whatever reason, but I can’t, as when I see him with the toddler, I turn all mushy.

While I was expecting the unexpected, with my emotions playing havoc, I often told him “You’d understand if you had to play Mommy for a day”. He’d just laugh it off, saying those dreaded words “It’ll be fine”. Well, it did turn out all fine (contrary to what I believed and felt), he was a constant support from the day the baby popped!

I remember the first night at the hospital – the nurse handed over the alien and asked ‘So, who’s staying back tonight?’ and with undeterred confidence he said “I am the father and I will”. I wanted to cry but held my composure as had enough of it during my long stay in the labor room.

From juggling diapers and conference calls, from attending hoots to untimely poops, he seemed to be a pro at it. Given all the female attention he had from my friends/relatives, I’m sure he had his own reasons to do what he did :-).

But he really surprised me with his maternal instincts, when he offered to take care of the 3 month old infant (for 10 days, before help arrived) while I had to go prove my existence at work. He took charge of the most difficult job in this world, and did manage to win an Oscar (well, I’m assuming it involved a little bit of acting skills too :-)). He was in total control of the infant’s feeding schedule, waste management and extra-curricular and before I realized he turned out to be The Mommy from Mars.


The kiddo preferred him to me (mostly because his lullabies were better than mine ;-)) but surprisingly the ‘now’ toddler still clings to him ;-). While I am busy teaching manners, correcting behaviors and enforcing discipline, he is Mr. Fun. He doesn’t mind the make-up on his face, the paint on his nails, the color on this hair and the dolls on his lap. While I sit and watch them living their dreams, I see a bond – of love, of tied hearts and a common enemy 😉

Whatever it is, it’s extremely special. In any case, this is the best a 9 year old matrimony gets you and I am not complaining!

Love you two,

The Devil Mom

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That Day…

That Day,

I stepped out,

Merry, blasé,

In soaking rain,

Admiring the gaze,

Hopping through,

the usual lanes

They stood there

as ambush predators

with sadistic eyes,

of a tormentor

I was spotted

like a rare bird

Punished, mauled,

for staying away

from the herd

They mocked,

They abused,

They touched,

They groped

I cried for help,

struggling to lope

A piece of flesh

left without a hope

I felt the jolt,

It shattered my soul,

Not only the skin,

my dignity they stole

I fought with God,

for writing this dole

Still searching myself,

In part and whole

That Day,

I wish hadn’t come

I’ve lost a part of me

& the others still feel numb!

Beginning Today


Beginning Today,

I’ll render goodbyes,

to silent tears,

the 3am regrets

to perpetual fears 

that cage my soul!

Beginning Today,

I’d take a chance,

make mistakes,

turn a page

to scribble, 

another valiant tale!

Beginning Today,

I’d surrender,

to the child,

quirky, venturous, 

tiny embers of spark,

waiting to,

rekindle a fire again!

Beginning Today,

I’d embrace odds,

open new doors

sketch life’s story

with my own pen

unfazed, unperturbed,

by a happy end!


I Wish I Were…


I Wish I were a shadow,

of your dreams,

the lucid reality

the credulous fantasy

the aureate sunshine

worth following!


I Wish I were a shadow,

of your tears,

the memories held back,

the feelings that dissolve,

the pain so ethereal

that waters your soul!


I Wish I were a shadow,

of your bewildered self,

the bruised heart,

the petulant mind,

enshrouded by solitude 

waiting to be found!